Possible Enhancement to User Interface

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Possible Enhancement to User Interface

I just started using a another Forum on another software manufacturer's web site that also uses JIVE software, and I noticed that they had overcome one of my pet peeves about the SAS forums

In the SAS forums, when you log in and view the list of recent discussions, the time shown for the discussions is listed in some time zone that is unknown to me. So, this morning, when I log in around 9am my time, the most recent message was shown at 1:09pm, which is totally meaningless to me. On the other manufacturer's web site, when I log in at 9am, the most recent message is always shown in MY local time zone, and so the most recent message is always at an earlier time (i.e. before 9am).

The value that this has is that if I know I replied to a discussion at 9am on one day, and I return later in that day and see that discussion has a reply at 10:30am, I know that it is a new reply. But in the SAS forums, the time is meaningless. I know I replied at 9am, but I don't really remember what that translates to in the unknown time zone that is displayed on the SAS forum. I shouldn't have to do the mental gymnastics and be able to translate my time to the SAS forum time, and this other manufacturer's forum in JIVE software proves I don't have to.

So, SAS, can you display my local time? Or is there an option somewhere that I have to turn on?

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Re: Possible Enhancement to User Interface

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I've been thinking the time displayed is Greenwich Mean Time.

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Re: Possible Enhancement to User Interface

You can change the time zone in your preferences. Click on the orange arrow next to your name in the top right corner when you log in and select Preferences. In the tab General Preferences at the bottom of the page is where you can set what time zone you want.



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