Plotting with a Special X variable

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Plotting with a Special X variable


Can some one please let me know how to plot Var(y variable) in the attached data set Vs. Week ( X variable)?

Please Note that 1997-1 refers to the 1st week of 1997, 1997- 40 refers to the 40th week of 1997 and so on.

Because of this special format of the x variable a normal sas code cannot be youed.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Plotting with a Special X variable

Yes it can.

What error is occurring? From your previous question, about changing monthly to weekly) if all you changed was the format statement it should have worked fine.

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Re: Plotting with a Special X variable

And, there has already been code posted in the ODS GRAPHICS and SAS/GRAPH forum to this same question, where you posted a duplicate of this question. I suggest that you stick with one posting instead of starting new posts.


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Re: Plotting with a Special X variable

Im sorry I posted a second tread because I tried to do the initial part in excel to avoid the complexity and since I was unable to make full use of the suggestions give to my first post. However, I will make sure that I stick to one post next time..

Thank you all for your valuable inputs I really appreciate it.

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