Parameter file in SAS DI job.

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Parameter file in SAS DI job.

Hi all,

We are using SAS Data Integrator Studio 4.21 and SAS 9.2..

We have set up two parameters files for a SAS job to point the library name of development and UAT regions.

However to select the parameter file, we are currently opening the SAS job and hard coding the parameter file before moving it to UAT region.

The better option we feel would be the job find its current working directory (Dev or UAT ) and then automatically choose the parameter file if using the  "IF" construct.

So,is it possible for a job to get its current working directory(Dev or UAT) first and then select the corresponding parameter file.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Parameter file in SAS DI job.

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Not sure what you mean by parameter file. Could you attach an example of the contents?

Hard coding, and manually change before promotion is certainly not best practice.

Why not just store the parameter file in the same location in each environment, then you need to change paths during promotion.

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