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PROC import

How do I import a particular column in Excel which utilize Formula to generate values using PROC IMPORT?


I am using following code and per my understanding SAS should automatically generate values in the field solving formula.


Ex. Excel File: COL_C is based on the formula (100-COLA).


proc import datafile= "..\Temp\test.xlsx" dbms=xlsx out= test replace;
run; quit;


While importing, COLA and COLB gets correct value while COLC is generating all missing values.

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Re: PROC import

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Impossible (for me at least) to tell without seeing the file.


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Re: PROC import

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Do you get any messages in the log? Post the code and messages from the log.


Is he formula actually:  = 100 - A2

or does is have one of $ modifiers like  = 100 - A$2 or 100 - $A2 ?


Does the cell address reference the result of another cell containing a formula?


Also depending on spreadsheet the variable may be getting assigned a numeric variable type in SAS but for some reason the result of the forumla is behaving like character and hence gets a missing value in SAS.


Easiest may be to SAVE As CSV and import the resulting CSV file.

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Re: PROC import


I re-do the Formula and it worked fine.

I think Formula was saving as Character while converting so it was not
resolving while converting.

Thank you all for the help.

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