OLAP Cube set member/dimension aggregation

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OLAP Cube set member/dimension aggregation

Hello everyone,


I have a question about SAS OLAP Cube - I have a dimension with lets say 2 members + "all" member. These members' values should not be aggregated because this does not make business sense (2 entities, lets say, which are separate and together in cube because all other dimenesions and members are the same for them).

Is there an option how I can designate members/hierarchy/dimension so that no aggregation takes place only there? SAS version is 9.3.


Here is the same thing how it's done in Essbase (designated as "~"):

Example Essbase docs

Is there something similar available in SAS OLAP as well?


thank you very much!

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Re: OLAP Cube set member/dimension aggregation

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My immediate response would be, why keeping data together in a cube that can't be presented together?
If you are in some way worried about duplicating dimensions you could use shared ones.
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Re: OLAP Cube set member/dimension aggregation

Hello LinusH,


thanks for your reply!

You are right that that would be a solution but in that case we have 2 cubes which is not very convenient for end users.

I agree in principle that it is something that does not belong together maybe, however there is a similar situation which is tipical in cubes - Scenario dimension which holds e.g ACTUAL, PLAN, FORECAST values which are not to be summarized.

Another thing, this might happen possibly not only for the whole dimension, maybe just some members are not to be aggregated...


Also if this stays in cube as it is, it will happen sooner or later that users will look at summarized results which should not be summarized. It would be good to aviod that.


It is a rather specific situation, but Essbase does it with no problems.


Is there really no such option?


Nevertheless, I'll think about 2 cubes with shared dimensions and each having it's specific dimension part (of the one where the difference is).

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