ODS HTML - how to remove file path @ Footer

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ODS HTML - how to remove file path @ Footer


I am using ODS HTML to generate a report with multiple graphs. by default when I print out I get the full path of the report @ the bottom of my report...

may I know how to get rid of it.

Thanks in advance

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Re: ODS HTML - how to remove file path @ Footer

would modifying your line to include the nogfootnote option correct the situation?  e.g.:

ods html body="filename.htm" nogtitle nogfootnote;

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Re: ODS HTML - how to remove file path @ Footer

And, in addition to Art's suggestion, you might want to check for stray FOOTNOTE statements that have a file path listed.

Since you asked specifically about ODS HTML, I wonder whether your browser is the culprit here. For example, if I run an ODS HTML job without any footnote statements, I can still get the file path showing in my printed output if I have the footer option in my browser set, as shown in the attached screenshot. When SAS creates ODS HTML output, it does not put printing "controls" into the file. Any printing headers or footers can come from your browser settings. Doesn't make any difference whether the HTML file has tables or graphs, the browser can insert headers, page numbers or footers into your HTML file as it goes from the browser to the printer. Since SAS has no control over these browser print options, I wonder whether this is what you're running into.

In the output screenshots below, I have one example using PRINT PREVIEW and showing the file path inserted by the browser's page layout settings. Then I show a slightly different report that does have a SAS footnote and I still have URL turned on, so I see the file path (essentially the URL for the single file). Then, with the Footer defined as empty, I display the same file and now, you only see the SAS footnote.

Since you said this happened explicitly when you printed, I wondered whether you were printing from the browser, which could cause the issue you noted.


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