ODS HTML email & embedded links

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ODS HTML email & embedded links

Hello -

Is there a resource or paper that explains how to embed links within an email output?  I have SAS send an e-mail with multiple proc-reports, and I want to include a "table of contents" type list of links at the beginning of the e-mail that allows the user to jump to different points withinin the e-mail.  So upon opening the e-mail, the user can click a link and be taken directly to that report on the e-mail.  (See below as an example).

Is this possible?  Does anyone know of anywhere I can go to learn how to produce this linking structure


Subject: Daily Report Email

  • Link to Proc Report 1
  • Link to Proc Report 2
  • Link to Proc Report 3

Link 1 Anchor

... content...

Link 2 Anchor

... content...

Link 3 Anchor

... content...

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Re: ODS HTML email & embedded links

TBH I wouldn't recommend that approach.  I would view any emails with links and code in to be quite suspicious and I would think that would be a sticking point.  Why not generate your report, with linking etc. in and then attach that as a file to an email.  (note you may also find the emails get quite long if you do it directly).

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