Noprint option within a macro in proc NLMIXED and proc reg

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Noprint option within a macro in proc NLMIXED and proc reg

I am doing this simulation. I want to invoke noprint option in proc reg and proc nlmixed but seems not to work, this is what i have;

proc reg data=RC_M_&p noprint; /*** The RC regression****/;

model y=RC ;

ods output ParameterEstimates=ParaR_&p;


proc NLMIXED data=test_&p noprint;

parms mux=1 sigmax=1 sigma=0.000003 alpha=1 beta=1 ;


e=y-alpha-beta*time; emu=y-alpha-beta*mux;

if censored=0 then LL=(-e**2/sigma**2/2-log(sigma**2*sigmax**2)/2


if censored=1 then LL=log(((1-((probnorm(Q*(time- sigma**-2*Q**-2*beta*emu)/(sqrt(sigma**2+beta**2*sigmax))*exp(-emu**2/2**sigma**2)*(1-beta**2)/(sigma**2)))))));

model y~general(LL);

ods output ParameterEstimates=ParaM_&p;


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Re: Noprint option within a macro in proc NLMIXED and proc reg

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When you say "seems not to work", do you mean that you still get all the output in the listing destination and that the datasets in the ODS output statement are created, or is it that the output in the listing destination is not printed, but that the datasets are not created?  I suspect it is the latter.

In any case, rather than using the noprint option, check out using ods statements.  Offhand, I don't recall the exact syntax (and I am sure that someone may be able to help), but I think if you place:

ods listing close;

before the procs are invoked, and then

ods listing;

after you are done and want to start generating output in the listing destination, then you will suppress a lot of stuff you don't want to look at, and still will generate the ods output datasets.

Good luck.

Steve Denham

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