Newbie to SAS programming

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Newbie to SAS programming

I would like to learn SAS, the goal is being able to build some business application.


I understand that it may not be an appropiate question for a SAS newbie, but I do know well in other languages (VBA, JAVA etc), and I have built some tools by using those language. So I am confident that I can achieve my goals.


Now SAS is widely used by some customers, and it is better for me to learn SAS. I would like to use SAS to build some application for customers to use, and customers do not need to know SAS. So the products should be easy to use, people just need to click some buttons. 


I do have SAS installed in my office computer, and I can self study programming. 


Could anyone give me some direction to get some learning materials (self studying on personal time)? Online video, pdf book, etc. 



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Re: Newbie to SAS programming

You could search the forums here with "learn SAS". That will bring up answers to similar questions with links like 


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Re: Newbie to SAS programming

I could. I could also go to to search some information. But the results are more about using SAS for data analysis. 


I am looking for material specifically focusing on building business applications/tools. It sounds more related to IT field.

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Re: Newbie to SAS programming

Sounds like you need to team up with a SAS Solution Architect or similar. He/she can transform your business application ideas to SAS technology. Then you can get the proper training and guidance for the construction.
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Re: Newbie to SAS programming

I don't actually find this a good use for SAS. Using the right tool for the right job and all. Statistical Analysis Software - SAS is intended for Statistical Analysis and possibly data management. Any customers using SAS will need SAS installed and that's a pricey dependent.
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