Need to get Top 5% of customers data !

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Need to get Top 5% of customers data !

Hi All,

I need a output dataset with top 5% of transactions from total transaction amount to give promotional offers to the top 5% customers.

Please help !

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Re: Need to get Top 5% of customers data !

Not sure its clear what you are asking about. Are you wanting the top 5% of customers from the top 5% of transactions? Or do you want the top 5% of customers based on all transactions. And you didnt not mention how to define the "top". Is it total Money, number of items ordered, number of orders, etc... .

What ever the definition is there are many ways to get at what you want. Something like this should help you:

proc sql noprint;

  create table test as

  select make, sum(msrp) as amt format=dollar10.


  group by make

  order by calculated amt desc


  select  sum(amt) , round(sum(amt)*.05,1)  into :tamt, :tpct

  from test


  Create table out as

  select make, amt

  from test

  where amt > &tpct



%put &tamt &tpct;


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Re: Need to get Top 5% of customers data !

proc sql;

select int(count(*) * .05) as recs

into :Recs

from have;


proc sql outobs=&recs;

create table offers as

select * from have

order by total_trans_amt desc;


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