Need help with PROC SQL

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Need help with PROC SQL


I need to develop a code in SAS for my Phd. Since I have never worked with this program intensively, I'm facing some problems.

The main idea is that I write a code for a migration module that updates a current model of a synthetic data population for a country.

By doing so, I will often use the random number generator to assign the chance of an indivudal to migrate or not (in the future).

I'm using two data files:

  • Imported Excel file with migration rates
  • File of the synthetic data population

The problem is that the migration chance is located in another data file (imported excel file).

Now I want to duplicate the migration collumns to my synthetic dataset.

How do I do this?


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Need help with PROC SQL

You have to provide some example rows and columns of the two datasets in order for anyone to show you the best way to accomplish what you want.  e.g., there must be some field, in both datasets, that relate migration rates to particular records.

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Need help with PROC SQL

Agree with Art.

As a general answer:

You will have to join the data (the tables) over some variable which is common to both tables.

Assuming you're using SAS Enterprise Guide, the "Query Builder" will help you to set up this join.

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