Need SAS Certification Advice

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Need SAS Certification Advice

Hi everyone,

I am Saptarshi Putatunda and I am business analysis professional looking to do SAS Certifications.  Is it necessary to do SAS foundation certifications ( Base and Advanced programmer) before doing the advanced certification in Predictive Modelling? What is the difference between SAS 9. and SAS Enterprise Guide and Enterprise Miner?

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Re: Need SAS Certification Advice

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  Most of the information about the certification exams themselves can be found on the main certification web site: SAS Global Certification program where you will see the list of 8 certifications that we offer.

  Every exam tells you whether you have any other exam as a prerequisite. If you look at the description of the Predictive Modeler exam on the web site above you will see that there is NO other exam required to take the Predictive Modeler exam. But, the Advanced SAS Programmer exam does require that you take and pass the Base Programmer exam first. So the answer to your question about exam requirements is best answered by carefully reviewing the information about each exam.

  As for your question about the difference between SAS 9, Enterprise Guide and Enterprise Miner -- that is all Google-able and I'm sure you can find out which one is the foundation software program, which one is the interface to the foundation software program and which one does predictive modeling.


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