Name appearing in forums

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Name appearing in forums

When posting in the new forum I'm seeing my full name.

Do other see it or do they see my screen id and how can I tell.  I assume there's a setting somewhere to check this?

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Name appearing in forums

Logged out and it does appear as my profile/nick name, not my full name.

Interesting at least Smiley Happy

Pictures are not appearing properly however, ie IE7 or Firefox 3.6.6

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Name appearing in forums

The name display took me a while to get used to as well. When you are logged in, you see your full name where everyone else sees your userID. There are two ways to verify this.

  • The first, you have already discovered. Log out and take a look at your posts.
  • The second is to visit your profile and set privacy settings then use the tool on the right to check how others see your settings. By default, we set these to the most restrictive. Only your userID displays to other users of the site. In a few cases -- information that is not populated by default -- the setting is to allow friends to see that information. The idea behind this setting was just to show you the differences it you tested the privacy settings.

To view your profile,

  1. Login and select your name from the top of the page or select Your Stuff --> Profile from the menu.
  2. Select Edit Profile and Privacy from the Action box on the right.
  3. Select the edit profile tab.
  4. Notice that the Action box now contains an option that enables you to see your profile as others do.

I hope this information is helpful. 

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Name appearing in forums

I've never seen the picture problem before.  I'm testing this with my other account and a different picture upload.  I will continue to investigate this and report back later.


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Name appearing in forums


I see the pictures fine in Firefox 4 (at least the photos of each person).


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