Multiple response thing..

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Multiple response thing..

Hey guys

Im pretty new to the program (had it in school 4 years ago but dont remember much).

We are currently writing a paper, and asked about 200 students several things regarding a museum in Stavanger city, Norway

All answers but one is easy. So the last one there are 8 options, and one could cross as many of the options as one liked.

The problem here is to get this into the JMP file. How do i choose it to understand that one can choose one, or all?

The options were: Facebook, Twitter, Online newspapers, TV, Radio, Posters,  School paper or Happenings.

If someone could explain easily, I would really really really appreciate it.

In advance, thanks a LOT <3

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Re: Multiple response thing..

Typically, when you export from a survey program it will have the data in a specific format.

Depending on the survey tool, it could create a variable for each possible response and then flag it as 1 or 0 if that option was selected.

Another I've seen will have the question and the responses are comma delimited in the file.

First, you need to figure out and tell us how your data is.

Then how you need it. Usually for analysis, you need one for each variable that has a 1/0 or missing for every response.

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