Multiple Correct Answers - How to tag them appropriately

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Multiple Correct Answers - How to tag them appropriately

Dear all,

In case there are multiple "Correct answers", is it possible to use the "Correct answer" legend more than once in the same Discussion?

When there is more than one correct answer they should be treated accordingly.

Thank you in advance


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Multiple Correct Answers - How to tag them appropriately


I totally agree with you but, unfortunately, that isn't the way the forum is designed.  I just put in a suggestion, the other day, to allow any of us to credit a response as being correct or most correct.  There have often been times when someone marked an answer as being correct/helpful when there really was a better, equally or more helpful response posted later (or earlier).

I understand the design dilemma, as the ratings were designed to award points to posters as a way of both thanking them for helping and providing the forum with a means for classifying levels of expertise.  However, when searching for answers to previous questions I, personally, am more interested in finding the best solutions/suggestions and would rather base my choice on the Forum's collective evaluation rather than that of the original poster.

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Multiple Correct Answers - How to tag them appropriately

Hi Folks.

Here's the way we have correct and helpful answer set up.

We allow you to mark one answer as correct and four as helpful.  The idea is that many things can be helpful to the person who asked the question.  In some cases, there isn't an answer that completely addresses the issue that prompted the post.  Generally, there is one answer that gets the user to the solution better than others. 

Remember that "Correct Answer" is in the eye of the beholder, just as 'best  or better' answer is. 

I hope that helps some. 


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