Moving to Linux from Windows - Program editor is awful

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Moving to Linux from Windows - Program editor is awful



I have recently started a new job where my SAS software is on a centralised Linux system. My previous experience with SAS has been in a Windows environment using Enhanced Editor and I'm struggling to get used to the Linux SAS environment. Program editor seems to be a very basic SAS editor which is close to unusable to those used to the Windows environment.


Is there anyway to get SAS on Linux to perform these simple funcitons: pressing return carries the indentation, ctrl+? comments out blocks of text (ctrl+shift+? visa versa), add keyboard abbreviations and macros, correct colours for options and ods statements.


Alternatively I am considering editing my SAS code in a Windows environment and copying my code over to the program editor to run. However, we haven't got a Windows SAS license, so are there any good freeware SAS editors out there? Or can I get a copy of Enhanced Editor for Windows without a Windows SAS licence (as I won't actually be running the code in Windows)?


Does Enterprise Guide work on a Linux environment?


Thank you for your help.



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Re: Moving to Linux from Windows - Program editor is awful

Many customers use SAS Enterprise Guide (on Windows) to connect to their Linux environments -- you can access data, write and run programs, and more.  This requires that you have SAS Integation Technologies installed and configured on the Linux system.  You also need a SAS Metadata Server (which can run on the same Linux box).


If that configuration isn't possible for you, I've heard of people using other 3rd party editors (such as UltraEdit) to write their SAS programs.  With a flexible editor you might be able to configure it to rsh (remote shell) into the Linux system and submit your SAS code and retrieve some of the results.  Others can probably share specific experiences around this.



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Re: Moving to Linux from Windows - Program editor is awful

I haven't used SAS on Linux myself, however there are a wealth of editors out there you can use.  Back in the day, when most of my programs were batch mode run, I would have Notepad++ open, be writing programs in that, saving, then batch submitting via explorer.   TBH the Enhanced Editor is old, and lacks a lot of the functionality of newer editors anyways, all you need is to pick one with the SAS syntax highlighting.  UltraEdit as Chris has mentioned, Sublime is also another that springs up, then there is TextPad which has a SAS syntax file.   

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