Mortagage and Credit Card SDLC

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Mortagage and Credit Card SDLC

Hi Group,

I was facing interview these days interviewer asking  do you have any Mortgage or Credit card Experience ?  I appreciate, If any one of the group members could share resource information or guide for learning about mortgage or credit cards business ?

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Re: Mortagage and Credit Card SDLC

I do not think there is a substitute for the experience your interviewer is looking for.  This leads to a chicken and egg situation - you can't get a job without the experience and you can't get the experience without the job.  Eventually the supply of available experienced job seekers will run out and recruiters will have to look for people with the potential to work in these areas, so being able to demonstrate the potential is the key.  You will need to show if possible you have good experience in other industries, that you can demonstrate versatility, and you can demonstrate you are a quick learner.

You do not say what type of job you were being interviewed for.  If you have marketing campaign experience and the job requires that ability that should be transferrable.  If you have done propensity modelling and the job requires creating application scorecards, that should be a good fit.  If you have commercial collections experience and the job requires monitoring collections performance you probably know enough to start. 

Employers feel safer picking people who have worked in their industry, even if the task is quite generic.  Keep trying - eventually someone will need to fill a vacancy so urgently that previous experience becomes less of an issue.


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