Meeting notes/minutes

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Meeting notes/minutes

Here are the notes and action items taken by Tracy at the 7/27-28 meeting
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Re: Meeting notes/minutes

Here are the notes/action items taken by Tracy at the 8/11 update call.
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CMU KPI list

Here is the list of KPIs that we discussed 8/29.

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Meeting notes/minutes 8/28 meeting

Attached are Tracy's minutes of this meeting.
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CMU-RC/SAS 10/16 Checkpoint Minutes

CMU-RC/SAS 10/16 Checkpoint Minutes

Attendees: Luba Fishman, Joe Czyzyk, Rachel Cook, Tim Pletcher, Shar Tang, Wes Rehm, Fred Rosenbaum

The focus of this meeting was “How do we proceed from here?”

CMU is the first test case for the CMU-RC workshop. We have several disconnects in the current plan.

CMU has developed KPIs and Strategies but there is no association between measurement and objectives. CMU-RC has not been able to build a consensus on how to map these. They will continue working on that effort.

Tim and Shar have been working on the mechanics of rolling up the KPIs, how to use them and how to bring them together. The plan is to map the KPIs to Strategy and then vet with CMU.

There was discussion of the SAS value-add to the process. It was decided that CMU-RC would pursue a FM/SM license, install on their machines and be able to work in a self-contained environment and wean off of blades. This can take place at the end of October when the new software is released.

There was also discussion on whether FM/SM is the right tool for CMU-RC to use in their workshops. Wes stated that this is the only SAS tool for strategy.

Wes recommended that one or more CMU-RC folks attend an FM/SM class here in December. Joe C said they have the catalog and will investigate it.

Tim stated the following as CMU-RC plans:
He wants to have a kick-off workshop to get moving. This cannot occur before January,
Enrollment management/recruitment/strategic staffing
How it applies to CMU
How does this all come together?
CMURC has to build this without SAS involvement.

After that we need 3 more sample schools to understand
How much work is involved (pre/during/post workshop)

Action items:
Schedule next checkpoint meeting for December 10, 10:00-11:00 (done)
Wes and Karen to review what CMU-RC has done before the meeting, look through their system and comment
Checkpoint again in mid-January
Install FM/SM at CMU-RC after October 29 announcement
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