Measuring time elapsed?

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Measuring time elapsed?


I would like to use SAS to calculate the time elapsed in minutes between two time series, start_time and end_time and store it in a third column, time_elapsed. The data looks as such and is stored in an excel spreadsheet in the following hour-minute format:

start_time     end_time

02:20             02:45

03:00             03:45

04:02             04:17

...                    ...

Is there anyone with an idea as to how to proceed?

Thank you

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Re: Measuring time elapsed?

If you read it into SAS correctly you will get time values.

The SAS function INTCK can calculate many different intervals between times, dates or datetimes.

Also in SAS

End_time - Start_time would equal the number of seconds. So ElapsedMinutes = (end_time - start_time)/60;

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Re: Measuring time elapsed?

Something like this... 

data gotcha;                                    

   format start_time end_time time_elapsed time5.;

   infile datalines4;                            

   input @1 start_time time5. @7 end_time time5.;

   time_elapsed = end_time - start_time;         


02:20 02:45                                      

03:00 03:45                                      

04:02 04:17                                      



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