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Matching Code Help


I am a fairly new user to SAS and I am looking to match banks (banks that received TARP funds vs. banks that did not receive TARP funds).

I have attached a sample data set which is stacked with TARP and non-TARP banks identified by a dummy variable under the TARP variable.

I would like to match TARP and non-TARP banks on three variables,

1. asset (closest match)

2. depdom (closest match)

3. rbc1rwaj (closet match)

The fed_rssd variable is the identifier variable. I would appreciate any guidance or source I can obtain some information on how to go about this task.

I have attached the excel sheet.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Matching Code Help

Thanks Reeza for the link!!

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Re: Matching Code Help

I have used the gmatch macro and thanks for the link.  I see the gmatch macro uses absolute values as the constraint on the variables for matching.  Any tips on how I can use percentage of variable in this code? 

Ex. Instead of within say 100 points of X, 50 point of Y, etc.  We can modify this code to use with 50% of X, 25% of Y, etc.

Thanks for any help!!

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Re: Matching Code Help

Simply transform your match variables into logarithms. - PG

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