Mapped Network Drive Object in Metadata Server

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Mapped Network Drive Object in Metadata Server

I am currently running into headaches when working with mapped drives when running programs on the metadata server. I learned that local mapped drives cannot be referenced with a letter but instead need the UNC path name to be recognized. Although this is a valid solution to recognizing mapped drives, I was wondering if  anyone knew of a way that I could actually map the drive directly in the metadata and then use a letter reference? This would be much more convenient than going into each of our programs that made a reference to the letter instead of the UNC. It also might be convenient for change control to be able to automatically change the drive itself and have all downstream programs point to a new drive; again, without having to go into each individual file and make the change manually. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated. I am not an expert in networking or path computing so please forgive my ignorance. Thank you in advance!



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