Manipulating the output from proc print

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Manipulating the output from proc print

Hi Guys

My output after looks like this..    proc print data=maps.africa2 (obs=2); run;

                  Obs    CONT     ID    ISO    IDNAME                  ISONAME                  START

                    1     94     125    012    ALGERIA                    ALGERIA                        1

                    2     94     141    024    ANGOLA                    ANGOLA                       1071



                  Obs     END    POINTS              CONT94_GEO                     NAME

                    1    1070     1070                id 125, cont 94 of maps.Africa    ALGERIA

                    2    2566     1496                id 141, cont 94 of maps.Africa    ANGOLA


but i need all the variables in one together.....



CONT IDISOIDNAME              ISONAME              START      END  POINTS    CONT94_GEO                                  NAME

1 94 125012ALGERIA                ALGERIA                    1         1070   1070         id 125, cont 94 of maps.Africa          ALGERIA

2 94 141024ANGOLA                ANGOLA                   1071    2566   1496         id 141, cont 94 of maps.Africa         ANGOLA





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Re: Manipulating the output from proc print


You did not say what your destination of interest was/is...LISTING, RTF, PDF, HTML??? At any rate, if you are creating LISTING output, you do not have a lot of choices except to make the LINESIZE bigger (it can go to 256) or to adjust the orientation to landscape mode.

  Otherwise, for RTF or PDF, you can see this previous forum posting on dealing with very wide tables:

  For HTML, it's not a big issue, because your tables can generally be as wide as you need for them to be.


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Re: Manipulating the output from proc print

Posted in reply to Cynthia_sas

Thanks cynthia.

It was for a listing output.

That helps.

Happy new year.

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Re: Manipulating the output from proc print

  • You can also try using the WIDTH=MIN option. 
  • Also the NOOBS option with remove that first column with the observation number.
  • You can also build your own text output using a DATA step with FILE and PUT statements.
  • If the values of character variables are really long then you might want to use PROC REPORT so that you could use the flow option on those columns (variables).
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