Lock created on dataset

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Lock created on dataset

I am running a SAS DI join transformation that is supposed to replace an existing dataset with an updated version.

The problem is that every time I run this transformation, I get this error message:

Error: A lock is not available for libname.dataset.

Error: Lock held by process 9558.

I have checked and none of my collegues was using the dataset so the lock is not due to someone else having the dataset open.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

The code that is trying to run is this:

proc datasets lib = target nolist mowarn memtype = (dataview);

delete dataset;


(I get the error here on the log)

proc sql;

create table target.dataset as


dataset.MNI length = 8,

dataset.birth_dt length = 8.,

dataset.create_dt length = 8.,

dataset.create_tm length = 8.,

cat(strip(previous_data.first_name), strip(previous_data.last_name), strip(previous_dataset.birth_dt)) as dataset.SLK length 36


source.dataset as dataset


(A warning here on the log: Warning: Data set target.dataset was not replaced because of NOREPLACE option and a repeat of the error here on the log)


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