Loading in files on a mac

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Loading in files on a mac



Learning how to load some files into SAS. I have setup the virtual box using the below address. Unfortunately the top row will display however is not displaying any of the rows below, I'm also seeing an error that advises that I have a lockdown state?


I have setup virtual box and it's running Ok.


data sasdata.text15;
infile "/Users/NAME/Documents/SASUniversityEdition/myfolders/testfile.rtf"
LRECL=100 DLM="" firstobs=2;
T L M ;



Is this because of running this on a mac and it won't locate the file? Any ideas?


Really appreciate the help,




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Re: Loading in files on a mac

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1) RTF is seldom going to work for data interchange

2) the variables you show are all expected to be numeric, I would suspect that most of the data is character

3) Show log of code with errors. Copy from the log and paste into a code box opened using the forum's {I} icon.

The code box will maintain appearance of the code and error messages that might get reformatted by the main message windows on this forum.


4) show some example data. Open the RTF file in a plain text editor (NOTEPAD or even the SAS program editor) copy the first 5 or 6 lines and paste into a code box as described above.


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