Limiting access to specific libraries and datasets

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Limiting access to specific libraries and datasets

I have a number of libraries, each with a large number of SAS tables registered. Most of my users are in one user group. From SAS Management Console, I right click on the library and go to properties, and click the authorization tab. Only SAS Administrators have anything except ReadMetadata and Read. The rest of my groups (including the group with most of my users) have, at most, Read and ReadMetadata for that library.  Why are all of my users able to open Enterprise Guide, navigate to this library, open a dataset, and freely modify values in the table?

Some other settings about my library:

It is assigned to SASApp (which is where the EG connects), as well as the Share Server (on the same machine as SASApp).

The library is set to be pre-assigned by the native library engine.

I am using Management Console 9.3 and Enterprise Guide 5.1.

My goal is to make everything in these libraries read-only to my EG users. Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction.

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Re: Limiting access to specific libraries and datasets

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In your library definition, is it be pre-assigned?

If so, is it using the native engine, or the meta-engine?

Go to Properties -> Options tab -> Advanced Options

If you want the library to use metadata permissions, I believe you have to use the metadata library engine.

I'll have a look when I get access to an environment I can play with.

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