Library Not Showing up in EG 5.1

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Library Not Showing up in EG 5.1

When running statement below in EG 5.1, the library does not show up at all in the list of libraries. The log shows that it is assigned, there is no error and all permissions have been checked and correct, please help!

libname crfdata "\\plymouth\corp-nonshared\Dept
BDM\clinical programs\BUD-UC\C2011-0401\Programming\Data\CRF Data

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Re: Library Not Showing up in EG 5.1

Hey GN - try this if it's help -

go to

- library manager>library(XYZ)

- right click on and go to 'property'

- 'option' tab> click on advance and make library 'pre-assigned'

- go to 'extended attributes' tab on library property only and give below value for 3 different parameters

Firld name= Assignmode

Value= 2


This should work.

gd lk

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Re: Library Not Showing up in EG 5.1

This may seem like a dumb question, but have you right-clicked on Libraries in your Server List and selected Refresh? Your new library won't show up unless you have done this.

I had to learn this new behaviour when switching over to EG. In the SAS Explorer of SAS Display Manager the refresh happened automatically and your library just showed up.

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