Korean Characters Not Showing in SAS

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Korean Characters Not Showing in SAS

Hi Guys,

I am reading data from DB2. there are records with Korean characters which appear as blanks when imported into SAS. See below:

Original Data from the source:

뵖 S 0 N6

뵲 S 0 NR

Data after the import into SAS;

   S 0 N6

   S 0 NR

If you have a look at the above dataset, the Korean character is not printable. Any suggestion to resolve this are highly welcome.

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Re: Korean Characters Not Showing in SAS

It is the same background as https://communities.sas.com/thread/60475

The best situation would all involved systems are supporting utf8. There must be one not doing that and being stuck on latin1/ansi.

To check:

- What is source system encoding?  DB/2 running on mainframe/OS-type ?

- What is your current sas system encoding?  OS-type / versions?

- How is the data transferred SAS/Access DB2? FTP?  What are the encoding settings in these tools? 
When you are going to use a SAS utf8 session remember the NLS manual to check all functions on compatibility.

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