Integration with AdobeMarketing

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Integration with AdobeMarketing


Is there anyway SAS can pull data from cloud platforms like AdobeMarketing?

Has anyone tried creating a SAS data warehouse using batch imports from Adobe / Google Analytics, etc.

Please drop me your contact and I will call you.



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Re: Integration with AdobeMarketing

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Hi Praveen, it may depend on what access you have to your Adobe or other cloud data and what SAS tools you are using. For example, SAS Visual Analytics 7.2 has built in access to Google Analytics data. There is a post about that topic here:. If you are working with a SAS reps or consultants, they can help you with your specific cases, but please post back if you have some general questions or updates.

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Re: Integration with AdobeMarketing

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Hi Kong,


General question is, currently Google Analytics / Adobe come with pre-determined reports.

I would like to use the power of SAS to gain statistical insights, such as is there a correlation between bookings in India and US, etc.

I would also like to easily join the data with our conventional inhouse SQL data bases / excels.

We already have SAS EG, OR & ETS but we have Omniture Sitecatalyst.

Let me know what's best for us.



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Re: Integration with AdobeMarketing

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Hi Praveen,


I think that I am trying to solve the same problem that you are, did you ever manage to solve it?


I am trying to connect to Adobe Analytics via Enterprise Guide and query the data directly and merge to offline data.  I am hoping that there is an Adobe passthrough connection string that enables me to query Adobe directly.


Appreciate any insight that you have.



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