Installation and Running of SAS Customer Link Analytics

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Installation and Running of SAS Customer Link Analytics

Good day Everyone,

I have recently installed SAS Customer Link Analytics on a single server. The installation completed with a few error but I don't think they'll impact the running of CLA.

So I'm able to open http://<ip address of server> and it says on the page: "welcome to SAS 9,4, congratulations you have succesfully set up SAS Web Server".

So now i would put in the link http://<>/SASCustLinkAnlytics but then I get The webpage cannot be found.

All my services are running:


Did I miss something perhaps in the SAS Management Console? However in the Management Console if I want to create a User then I do not have the option to add the following 3 Group and Roles:

- Cust Link Analytics DBMS User Group

- Cust Link Analytics: Administration

- Cust Link Analytics: Network AnalysisDisplay

Could this perhaps be the issue? How to I get CLA to work?

Any help appreciated thank you.


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