Infile .dat problem

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Infile .dat problem

When I try to infile a .dat file on my laptop it just says the physics file does not exist.

I have double checked the code.

It works fine on the desktop at college.

The funny thing is it very rarely starts to work sometimes

Any ideas please?

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Re: Infile .dat problem

It would help to see your code and error messages.

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Re: Infile .dat problem

Usually I find that I have made a typo in the file name when I get that type of error.

Also sometimes there will be conflicts if the file is already open by another process, but you should get a different message than file not found.

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Re: Infile .dat problem

Best to post your code, as above its probably a typo or macro which is not resolving correctly.  One other thing it could be is synchronization or VPN, i.e. if it works at college do you need to either VPN connection to access the file/location, or possibly local synchronization software has not updated the area in question and hence the file doesn't appear on your laptop.

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