ISO 8601

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ISO 8601

I have a dataset with several variables in ISO 8601 format. The dataset is to be sent to the cusomter in SPSS format. I have now been told that SPSS don't support the ISO 8601 format and therefor convert the variables with this format to a string character.

Anyone who have experienced the same problem and have a smart work around?

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Re: ISO 8601

Hi SAStrainee,

Depending on your data you could generate a new variable ISO_C=put(ISO,B8601DT.); This only work if you are using Dates, not intervals

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Re: ISO 8601

If the client expects to manipulate the data as a date in SPSS then input the variable using the appropriate SAS informat, likely one of the B8601 or E8601 depending on content, then export the data to SPSS. If worried include a text version as well.

I would say it depends a lot on what you mean by "supports ISO 8601 format". SAS can read and write those formats but all of the internal manipulations are done with SAS date or datetime values.

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