Hsu's MCB Macro

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Hsu's MCB Macro

I am attempting to use Hsu's MCB for the first time in SAS. I have used the macro available in the book "Multiple Comparisons and Multiple Tests." However, I cannot get the confidence intervals ("cllo" and "clhi") to calculate. The confidence intervals are in the output 14.2 on p. 291 of the same book. The dataset is similar to the example in that I am comparing experimental products looking for "the best". I have 6 products to compare (as opposed to 7 in the example). I have a higher sample size than the example also. Does any one have suggestions?

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Re: Hsu's MCB Macro

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Since we don't have the macro code here are some suggestions:

1. Check the log for errors after running the macro. Also remove the clean up stage from the end where the interim data sets are deleted and re-run.

2. Check for the data set _tcmb1 which is what the macro appears to call, but from a quick overview I can't see where its created.

3. Check for the data set CLLO/CLHI if it exists

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