How to validate SAS Remote serviecs?

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How to validate SAS Remote serviecs?

I am currently using SAS9.2 version in Linux environment. Over a Test environment i tried bringing up remote services through sas.servers script. But over the Web tier it shows rest of the servers are up and not the Remote serviecs. Even the process of Remote service is not available with the ps-ef command.

The Application services are up but not the Information delivery portal. Is this possibel for application services to be up without the Remote services .Where can the status of the Remote services be made out.

if through SMC , please suggest the path. Is there a way to validate remote services.

Appreciate your help.



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Re: How to validate SAS Remote serviecs?

The sas.servers script is a nice start to blindly going for some commands. You should understand all dependicies in your environment.

The webtier is running:

- webserver

- java application webserver

- rmi server sometimes (9,2 still in use with an analytics platform application server).

  This AP server is used in combination with Enterprise miner. As far I know not with the IDP informatio delivery portal. 

  The RMI server is not used for all aplications. It needs a well running java application server and a metadataserver  

  53170 - SAS® Remote Services fail to stop and the message "java.rmi.AlreadyBoundException" appears i...   

The compute tier is running:

- SAS application servers (sas processes)

The metadataserver can be an isolated tier. It is having the metadatabase databases including all users/passwords that are needed  for other processes.

The objectspawner is needing a correct metdatabase when started. Than everything is cached an you may corrupt the metadatabase without noticing that.

The SAS-appservers are started (some exceptions like OLAP) by the objectspawner on incoming requests.

The web-server and java application server can be started indepently.

As you are telling IDP is not running it looks there is failure on "java app webserver" the sas appservers (Eguide DI) aren not using that they can still run.

When installing the midtier some html pages are generated with the documentation how some parts are getting validated.


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