How to run SAS OnDemand without being connected

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How to run SAS OnDemand without being connected

Every time that I try to run something that takes a while, I get disconnected from SAS OnDemand, and it says something about click continue to be reconnected, and when I do, everything that I was running is gone.  Isn't there a way to let it run and return to it later?  Here is the message, and I click continue, but everything is gone Smiley Sad

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Re: How to run SAS OnDemand without being connected

How long is 'a while'?

Neither SAS OnDemand nor the non-internet local alternative: SAS University Edition are really suitable for running code that takes longer than a few hours. I'm sure I remember reading statements to that effect in the documentation for both.

However before you move to using your own licensed SAS workstation or server installation...

1st step is to check that your code really should be taking as long as it does. If it is a statistical model, is it properly specified? If it is a data step or sql proc, check you are not accidentally doing an 'full join' between two tables. SAS tips often say something like 'approach the problem differently', and that has often worked for me in the past.

I hope that helps, but if it does not, explain more of what you are doing, and post some example code ...

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