How to restart spdsaud in spds 4.52

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How to restart spdsaud in spds 4.52

We have six servers (spdsaud,spdslog,spdsserv,spdssnet,spdsnsrv and spdsperf) running in spds. SPDSAUD alone has stopped running and we dont want to start all services on spds, we just want to restart spdsaud alone.

We are using below spdsserv command to start spdsaud process alone but we are unable to start:

nohup spdsserv -nameserverport 5190 -parmfile /opt/sas/sasspds/SASScalablePerformanceDataServer/4.5/site/spdsserv.parm -libnamefile /opt/sas/sasspds/SASScalablePerformanceDataServer/4.5/site/libnames.parm -nameserver XXXXXXXX -listenport 0 -operport 0 -acldir /opt/sas/sasspds/SASScalablePerformanceDataServer/4.5/site -auditfile /data/logs/audit/spdsaudit -sqlauditfile /data/logs/audit/spdsaudsql -audittime 00:00 & can anyone help me in this issue.

we also tried REFRESH PARMS using proc spdo to restart spdsaud, but it did not work.

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Re: How to restart spdsaud in spds 4.52

Sorry, I don't have any direct solution for you.

But question is, how critical is the auditing for you?

I can understand that you don't want to restart the server during office hours, but a restart at night might be enough?

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Re: How to restart spdsaud in spds 4.52


We have users connecting to spds and running their process. So if we restart spds then all long running process will be stopped.

So just looking for an alternative to restart spdsaud alone.


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