How to reboot or restart a server?

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How to reboot or restart a server?

Hello everyone!

I've just renewed my licence of SAS. In the explanations, there are 4 steps:

a - to get a SID file: done

b - operate the renewal utility: done

c - reboot/restart the servers and spawner (don't even know what that is...): not done

d - another step that i don't understand, in french it says "Mettez à jour le fichier SID dans les métadonnées pour SAS sur mid-tier": not done

The new licence seems to work, but my SAS program can't find the source file. It says the ACCESS file (where my data come form) can not be found.

I guess this is due to the servers not being restarted.

So my question is: How do I do this? How to restart the servers? Can't find the right information with the HELP. And I tried to update them but it doesn't seem to change anything.

NB: I work with SEG only, if it may change anything

Thank you for your help


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Re: How to reboot or restart a server?

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Do you have the SAS administrator permission (Are you SAS administrator?), Do you have SAS Management Console installed on your PC? If the answer to any of these questions is 'No', then you need to talk to your SAS administrator or whoever maintains SAS server.


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Re: How to reboot or restart a server?

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The easiest way to re-start SAS servers is to do a re-start of the physical servers on which the SAS servers sit. This is normally done by IT administrators who support the servers. I suggest you talk to them. Please note that SAS servers must be started in the right sequence, the metadata server first, followed by the workspace servers. IT administrators often have scripts for this or they create dependencies on the start processes to make sure they start in the right order.

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