How to paste text into a post?

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How to paste text into a post?


I'm lost as to how I can paste text (from word, a web page, a text editor), into a post.

In the default HTML editor, using IE 8, I can right-click and select paste... and nothing happens.

So far, I've only managed to paste text after switching to the plain text (raw html) view of my message, by clicking the "toggle html mode" button.   At a minimum, seems like other editors/forums/blogs had an option to insert a "text box" where you could paste plain text.

Do I really need to change to the plain text editor any time I want to paste a few lines into a message?



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Re: How to paste text into a post?

The text below was pasted from a Word document into this reply. Pay no attention to the text. it is just testing text.  I am not logged in as an administrator and I am running IE8.  My experience with pasting is that this is related to your browser settings.  Although, I'm not exactly sure which ones.  I'll look into it. In the meantime, maybe someone else knows.  I also get this message box asking me to confirm that is it an OK action to complete.  One suggestion I have is to switch to Advanced Editor by selecting the link just above the posting window.


Test text below was pasted from Word.

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Re: How to paste text into a post?

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Thanks very much!

I made a "trusted site" (tools->options), and that seems to have done the trick. When I paste I still get the confirmation dialog box you get, but that is much better than nothing!



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