How to output list(.lst) file into sas dataset

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How to output list(.lst) file into sas dataset

Before I get to my question let me explain a few things .

I’m creating a report that will  show differences between two SAS datasets.  These two SAS datasets have 14 million observations and 390 variables.

I used PROC compare to create the a list file with all the differences between each observations and then  output the list file into SAS dataset.

Ods listing close;

Ods ouput CompareSummary=compare_summary;

Proc compare base=first_dataset compare=second_dataset

       Maxprint(100,5000) novalues listequalvar;

Id key;


Ods output close;

Ods listing;


Does anyone knows why SAS takeout the space between len2 and Ndif?

Does anyone know how I could output part of the list file “variables with Unequal Values”  into 4 column?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: How to output list(.lst) file into sas dataset

You don't show anything related to len2 or Ndif so can't say anything about spaces.

I think you might be well off to examine the output data set options that proc compare will generate such as :

out=outputsetname outnoequal outdif

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