How to geocode using a Google API

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How to geocode using a Google API

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I'm trying to geocode 1,000+ addresses in SAS using Google. I have a Google API already, but can't get any code to successfully geocode my addresses. I've seen the example at the link below but can't get it to run without getting a "Lost Card" error. 


Looking for ANY code that can be used to geocode addresses at the street address level (preferably using Google). Thanks!

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Re: How to geocode using a Google API

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That looks a bit old. I'm pretty sure the API has

changed significantly since then. Look for a paper by Mike Zdeb on using Google.

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Re: How to geocode using a Google API

Be careful of the Google legal rules.  Unless you have the paid Google plan, using the geocoder standalone may be illegal. 

They require that you use Google Maps with most 'content'.  Content can be the result of the geocoder.


10.4.d. No use of Content without a Google map. Unless the Maps APIs Documentation expressly permits you to do so, you will not use the Content in a Maps API Implementation without a corresponding Google map.

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