How to configure SAS BI Server in Eclipse?

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How to configure SAS BI Server in Eclipse?

Hi All,

I am new to SAS AppDev Studio. I have installed the SAS AppDev plugin for Eclipse. I followed the steps given in cheatsheet. But I am getting error while connecting to the SAS BI server. The server resides on a UNIX machine and I am running eclipse on local machine (Win XP). Because of this I am unable to use the templates or add the application metadata creation template.

I tried creating a sample SAS Web Application (SAS® AppDev Studio™ 3.4 Eclipse Plug-ins User’s Guide.pdf - Chapter 4) without application metadata creation. Now, because of that missing metadata I am unable to deploy the app. I tried all the three ways mentioned in the cheatsheet. The steps I followed are 1. Copied the required files (Remote Services) from the UNIX server. 2. Mapped that folder in SAS BI Server Profile. 3. While aquiring the server info I am getting this error -


I checked the multicast address by executing "netstat -g", it is present. I am unable to solve this issue. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

I have developed another web-app in NetBeans (without using any SAS libraries) which searches a DB table, displays the records and updates the table with any changes. I wanted to know if I can deploy this WAR file in SAS environment.

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Re: How to configure SAS BI Server in Eclipse?

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Hi Rohit,

Since your post is few months old, just thought of asking you whether you made any progress on Appdev studio installation.

I am also following your path on trying this plugin.



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Re: How to configure SAS BI Server in Eclipse?

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Appdev studio was an attempt for building applications in a direct access to low level SAS functions.

You are going to build a java application with that can be deployed may be as web-service may be as a frontend tool.

Are you sure you want to do this?

SAS-DI studio, Enterprise miner, SAS portal are examples of these kind of applications that have been build by SAS. Metacoda is also doing something like this.
Yes you can do anything with that, but it is quite different. than building SAS applications using the combines ally of SAS languages. 

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