How to apply hot fix in sas eg

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How to apply hot fix in sas eg

Can anyone help

How to apply  hotfix  if SA SEG corrupted or at the time of sas eg issues . and

in DI
If one job through DI then how much % of workload it takes.

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Re: How to apply hot fix in sas eg

Hi Santosh,

Hot fixes are either client or server hot fix.  Basically any hot fix you apply requires basic steps

1. Download the hotfix from sas site

2. Shoutdown all spawners except metadata.  This meas no eg session  or DI job can run.

3. Start sas deployment manager and select install hotfix.

4. Give sasadm passwor and click next next.

5. After installation follow the post installation instructions on hotfix download page.

6. See example for hotfix installation instruction Installation instructions for hot fix S21001 on Windows for x64



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Re: How to apply hot fix in sas eg

Hotfixes and SASHFADD are used to indicate the update/maintenance process of the desktop and server components.

Desktops are often in closed environments as required by guidelines. This implies the SDW wizard is useless as the desktop will get repackged to get is aligned to desktop procedures.

The server side has similar challenges to get solved with the most marvelous situation when the releases get into dependicies.
I know SAS sales and some support will sell type setup (SDW) and click click click. Your CMM level is shot down to 0.

There can be issue in the SAS software and changing that is by now a great challenge. That is why that many people are running old versions of SAS.
An EGP projected can get corrupted. It is zip-file with a lot of xml-files in it. I do not know of any repair-tools.

The SAS metadata can get corrupted . How to repair that is not clear. Mostly quicker to rebuild it.

There are a lot of config-settings to prevent some resource  exhausting those errors are not that clear (-xmx for example).

- Do not fix it when it is not broken.

- When having an problem/incident please describe that very clear.   

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