How to Input All Files in a Folder?

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How to Input All Files in a Folder?

I have a question that I suspect has an answer, but I have seached online for quite a long time and have yet to find one solution.


Suppose I have a folder called "MySasFolder" and inside MySasFolder I have N number of  files: "a.xml", "b.xml", "c.xml","d.xml" etc. and so on.

 I have to read this data  into a SAS dataset.


Is there a way that SAS can loop through all files in a folder and input them into one SAS dataset without me having to tell SAS the names of each file ?


 When I input each file into the SAS dataset I also need to keep the name of each file as a variable as well.


Any help would be much appreciated!!!





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Re: How to Input All Files in a Folder?

Are all the XMLs formatted the same way? They have the same structure?


Do you have a process built to import one file to start with, thats what you need first. Then you can create a list of files and call the macro using CALL EXECUTE.


I have an example here, but uses XLSX files:


You can replace my PROC IMPORT with your import procedure.



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Re: How to Input All Files in a Folder?

No the xmls are of different structure.

But my SAS code is able to handle all different types of XMLs that I have.


But all these cases I manually input my xml filename into a macro and then do my process.


For example if I need to read ABC.xml I do the following 

%let variable= ABC

filename output temp;
libname output xmlv2 "/home/test/&variable..xml" automap=replace xmlmap=output;
proc copy in=output out=work noclone;

In my case I want to read from a folder that has thousands of xml files


So I know that this approach is not ideal.



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Re: How to Input All Files in a Folder?

The idea is still the same. Wrap your current code into a macro, in my example it's called IMPORT_FILE. The other macro LIST_FILES (first one) creates a list of files. The last data step then uses the file paths to import the files.


I updated some comments in the program that may help you work through it on your side.

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