How do I create an RSUBMIT button in SAS?

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How do I create an RSUBMIT button in SAS?

I use cisco VPN, SSH Secure Shell Client, and Putty.exe to connect to a secure computer that holds my data.  Someone had previously shown me how to create an RSUBMIT button in SAS that functions the same as the running-man SUBMIT button that is used to analyze data on the local computer.

This is convenient if you frequently analyze remote data because you don't have to enclose all your code with RSUBMIT and ENDRSUBMIT commands and can write code normally as you would if the data were local.

I feel like I'm almost onto it.  I have taken the following steps:

Tools --> Customize --> Customize (tab) --> Add new tool

However, I can't figure out how to enter code that needs to be sandwiched around the code I enter into the editor (RSUBMIT; before my code and ENDRSUBMIT; after).  There is no option to enter before/after code in the customize tab for the toolbar.

I can't seem to find a good guide online for how to do this and can't find any questions about it in the SAS forums.  Could someone either send me a link or describe how to do it?  I recently re-imaged my computer so my old settings are gone.  I don't remember it being too complicated of a process.  I recently posted this question on the enterprise guide section by mistake so I am reposting.

Thanks for any help.  I feel like I've almost got it, if I could just figure out the sandwich code.

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Re: How do I create an RSUBMIT button in SAS?

You need to understand the difference between commands and statements.

Statements is placed in your code, such as rsubmit;

Commands is usually not put in the code, and is more directed to the SAS system. Could be a bit confusing since many commands has a corresponding statement.

For a RSUBMIT command, you don't need a ENDRSUBMIT, the command will submit all code (or the marked code) to the current remote host.

So, just add the new tool, and enter RSUBMIT as the command.

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