How can I reset my defaut template style

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How can I reset my defaut template style

I accidentally changed my default rtf style,

where can I find the original code to replace the rtf style back to the original default?

Proc template;

Define style styles.rtf;





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Re: How can I reset my defaut template style

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Just solved the problem, by using the following code on another computer which has the correct defaut rtf,

   proc template;

source styles.rtf / file='Loation\';


Then the contains the source code. I am able to change it back.

Which essentially is :

proc template;

define style Styles.Rtf;

   parent = styles.printer;

   style fonts /

      'TitleFont2' = ("<serif>, Times Roman",12pt,bold italic)

      'TitleFont' = ("<serif>, Times Roman",13pt,bold italic)

      'StrongFont' = ("<serif>, Times Roman",10pt,bold)

      'EmphasisFont' = ("<serif>, Times Roman",10pt,italic)

      'FixedEmphasisFont' = ("<monospace>, Courier",9pt,italic)

      'FixedStrongFont' = ("<monospace>, Courier",9pt,bold)

      'FixedHeadingFont' = ("<monospace>, Courier",9pt,bold)

      'BatchFixedFont' = ("SAS Monospace, <monospace>, Courier",6.7pt)

      'FixedFont' = ("<monospace>, Courier",9pt)

      'headingEmphasisFont' = ("<serif>, Times Roman",11pt,bold italic)

      'headingFont' = ("<serif>, Times Roman",11pt,bold)

      'docFont' = ("<serif>, Times Roman",10pt);

   style GraphFonts /

      'GraphDataFont' = ("<serif>, <MTserif>",8pt)

      'GraphUnicodeFont' = ("<MTserif-unicode>",9pt)

      'GraphValueFont' = ("<serif>, <MTserif>",10pt)

      'GraphLabel2Font' = ("<serif>, <MTserif>",11pt)

      'GraphLabelFont' = ("<serif>, <MTserif>",11pt)

      'GraphFootnoteFont' = ("<serif>, <MTserif>",11pt)

      'GraphTitleFont' = ("<serif>, <MTserif>",12pt,bold)

      'GraphTitle1Font' = ("<serif>, <MTserif>",15pt,bold)

      'GraphAnnoFont' = ("<serif>, <MTserif>",10pt);

   style titleAndNoteContainer from titleAndNoteContainer /

      width = _undef_;

   style cell from container /

      linkcolor = colors('link2');

   style table from table /

      cellpadding = 3pt;

   style batch from batch /

      rules = none

      frame = void

      padding = 3pt

      cellpadding = 0pt

      borderspacing = 0pt;

   style Byline from Byline

      "Controls byline text." /

      frame = void;

   class usertext /

      width = 100%;

   class PrePage /

      width = 100%;

   style color_list

      "Colors used in the default style" /

      'link' = blue

      'bgH' = grayBB

      'fg' = black

      'bg' = _undef_;

   style GraphBox from GraphBox /

      displayopts = "fill caps median mean outliers";

   style GraphHistogram from GraphHistogram /

      displayopts = "fill outline";

   style GraphEllipse from GraphEllipse /

      displayopts = "outline";

   style GraphBand from GraphBand /

      displayopts = "fill";



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