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Highlighting Code

In Base SAS double clicking on a piece of text highlighted only up to an underscore. In EG the default seems to be to highlight up to a space, so if I click on the text 'total_spend', the whole variable name is highlighted rather than just 'total'. Is there a setting to change this to the way that it was in Base SAS?

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Re: Highlighting Code

Interesting!  Never even thought about it!  However, it may not be a difference between Base SAS and EG but, rather, being controlled by your operating system.

If you are on a flavor of Windows, one thing you could try is to check the Control panel setting located at:

Control Panel / Regional and Language Options / Languages Tab / Supplemental language support

Whether the 'Install files for East Asian languages' box is ticked  or not seems to control the double-click behavior you are describing.

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