Help with proc export

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Help with proc export


I am trying to export to and excel file to update a report daily.  It keeps changing my format from a percentage to a decimal, how can I fix this:


proc export

data = LookToBook_MTD_90_180

outfile = "\\acc.local\fileservices\private\riskanalysis\sha​red\sales\Look to book by Territory\Key"

dbms = "XLSX" replace;

sheet = "Key";


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Re: Help with proc export

That's mostly an Excel issue. Some workarounds are to use a different method of export - ODS (TAGSETS.EXCELXP or EXCEL).

Another is to write the field as a character string and then see if Excel converts it, though it may cause other issues in Excel.
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Re: Help with proc export

See this link for the default conversions that SAS performs based on the SAS format applied to the column - this is what you are experiencing:


You might want export it from SAS formatted as a plain numeric then change it in Excel yourself, or if you want SAS to do it try Reeza's suggestions.



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