Help me ! New to SAS

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Help me ! New to SAS

Hi All,

Would you please provide some inputs for me to start my career in SAS? I am very new to SAS and I would like to start with Base SAS,

Best Books(free+to buy), tutorials, tips and tricks, certification etc?

Practices that will help me to get into Analytics career even if I work on other IT domain?

Please give me Tools which are available to Practice SAS.

Thanks a lot in advance.



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Re: Help me ! New to SAS

I would recommend starting with the online help. If you look in the contents there is a section titled Learning to Use SAS. There also may be a tutorial loaded available from the Help menu, look for Getting Started with SAS Software.

There are also a set of example programs in the Learning to Use section.

There are also lots of examples in the online help under most of the enteries for documentation of language elements and procedures.

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