Help in reading in raw data

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Help in reading in raw data

Hello im trying to figure out how to do some Statistical Analysis in SAS on demand, however im stuck on reading in the raw data.  The data I understand should be saved in a CSV file is that true? or should it be saved in and XLS file.  Basically,  the infile,  input, statements, dlm, etc... is where im getting errors in.  I understand for a character variable you need a $ but can someone show me the actual code to be used to read in a data set that has character and numerical statements?  So again do I upload the file first and then should my lines read


Infile ' c :\ what goes in this space is it the name of the folder?\ than in this space what goes here?

Input  toadname $ Weight Jump1 Jump2 jump 3;

Proc Print data = toads;


Are these steps correct?  My problem is the path for the c drive should what should that path specify in its entirety  and does it matter if my data is saved as CSV or XLS?  Also, my path in on demand is different than the one on my desktop.  should I be using the on demand path in the infile statement?


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Re: Help in reading in raw data

Are you using SAS UE or On Demand for Academics? Have you uploaded your file to the server?

If you navigate to this question in the main page, not updates and look at the MORE LIKE THIS section on the left hand side of the page there is detailed instructions in several of the threads.

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