HIV-1 polymorphism control elements as assay in gene residue

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HIV-1 polymorphism control elements as assay in gene residue


HIV-1 impacts 3.2 million children, 35 million active cases,with 2013 estimates.

In assay of the pathogen, it is possible to mine precursor elements of species donation via use of repeat elements of gene.  This observation is possible, within HIV-1,

using P-117 mole weight markers in repeat, observed precursor as potential donor in the avian species.

Having demonstrated the beta model, it would be very useful to design high thru-put search regards...or active statistical  data via repeat.  Because the polymorphism

elements as mutagenic forward are variable, this is a difficult task.

An example:


driven by the following data.   Note the position value, mixed HIV complement:


The output of this assay, becomes a library of polymorphism control element via pathogen to host.

Why this is valuable, is also seen in MDR mutation, in non viral species.

You see, the problem of additive post polymorphism, gene residue, is a solution not easily solved with insertion forward sequence variant to search.

The pathogenesis has impact to host via additive, larger residue set, post variable identity.


passerine donor sequence data , avian to HIV -1 beta model with P-117, observation.


I hope at least, to demonstrate the interesting problem of SNP solve.

SNP, as conserved, cannot proceed in single identity, as it must be pair wise or larger set,

to satisfy the underlying rules of reaction.


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Re: HIV-1 polymorphism control elements as assay in gene residue

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Please provide a brief summary of what you are actually attempting to do, what your current data looks like and what you may be expecting for an output.

I'm not going to attempt to read a 900K document to guess at the question or conditions.

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