Get Hourly data from Google trends

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Get Hourly data from Google trends

Hi all,

Anyone know how to Download Hourly Data from Google trends (past 7 days) using SAS program? My search key is a list of companies, and it takes a lot of time to manually download one by one. Also I would like to include in the program the Criteria I choose (for example, Geographic area and Category). But the most important thing is that the data I want to download is hourly, real-time SVI which can only be download during one hour. 

Thank you.


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Re: Get Hourly data from Google trends

If you know the url's for the CSV files then you can use FILENALM URL statement to import into SAS. You can also use PROC HTTP also.


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Re: Get Hourly data from Google trends

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Thank you for your reply. Can you be more specific? I mean, how to set criteria in my program. For example, I want to set these criteria:

Geographic area = America

Time range = past 7 days

Category = Finance

Search key = VCB


And all data must be download from 12 a.m to 1 a.m on Sunday. Do I need any other statement to control this condition?

I would be kind of you to give me an example of code.





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